November 24, 2023

8,000lbs of Plastic

This year Blue Friday raised $32,000 meaning 8,000 lbs of ocean waste will be removed from the Pacific Ocean.

Blue Friday By The Numbers

Total Marine Debris Removed

42,251 lbs

Total Funds Raised to date


giving purpose to purchases.

What is Blue Friday?

Our mission is to change the conversation around Black Friday and give people the ability to both shop and also make a positive impact. Our brand partners dedicate a percent of sales to ocean conservation and we put that money to work on measurable, impact driven projects. By supporting our partners on Black Friday, you're supporting ocean conservation.

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What We Do

Unite the Collective

Blue Friday is a collaboration of brands and consumers working together to make an impact with our purchases.

Disrupt the Norm

Mission driven brands disrupt the norm Black Friday by dedicating a percent of profit to ocean conservation.

Create Tangible Impact

Blue Friday coordinates the collective and funds a project that makes measurable impact on ocean conservation.

2023 Project

North Island Plastic Removal

In partnership with Living Oceans we will be removing 8,000lbs of pacific ocean plastic from Northern Vancouver Island.

Past Projects

2019: Seabin Installation

Seabins are designed to skim the water and can remove up to 1.5 tonnes of marine debris each year. Blue Friday raised $15,000 to install 2 Seabins in the North Saanich Marina on Vancouver Island.

2020: Seabin Installation

Uncertain if Blue Friday would run due to the pandemic, businesses came together to raise $9,000 to install another Seabin. A study by UVic showed that they majority of the debris being collected was EPS Foam.

2021: Forget the Foam

We chose to get to the source of the debris by working with Surfrider's Dock the Debris program to replace EPS foam at Tofino's First St. Dock. We smashed our $12,000 goal by raising $42,000! Additional funds were used to replace the foam at the Big Tree Trail Dock on Meares Island.

2022: Scott Island Marine Debris Removal

In 2022 we partnered with Living Oceans to fund the removal of plastic waste from critical and inaccessible coastline in British Columbia. Funding clean ups and helicopter extraction of thousands of pounds of marine waste. [Results Pending Project Completion]


Donate directly to Blue Friday and for every $20 donated, we clean up 5lbs of marine debris.

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