Marine Styrofoam Processing Facility

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Once the goal has been reached for this project, additional funds will be directed to our Secondary Project.

Styrofoam pollution is one of the most noxious and omnipresent threats to our ocean. In 2021 we worked together to remove a major contributor to this pollution: unencapsulated foam docks. This year, we will be working towards closing the loop by building a localized circular economy for styrofoam processing facility.

This will include building capacity to clean, grind, and process marine plastics into usable products. Offcuts and material that is too contaminated to be upcycled will be ground down and compressed, making it far more cost-effective to ship to the chemical recycler.

About Surfrider Pacific Rim:

Their mission is to protect and enjoy the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network.

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