Scott Islands Marine Debris Removal

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Once the Primary Project is funded, any additional funds will go towards this initiative. 

Living Oceans is mounting an expedition to the Scott Islands to remove marine debris that is impacting foreshore and intertidal areas of this important refuge for seabirds and marine mammals. The recent spill of cargo from the container ship Zim Kingston has left the remote area on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island littered with plastic, metal and other consumer items.

This chain of islands off Cape Scott is part of a new Marine National Wildlife Area. Designed primarily to protect nesting seabirds, the mNWA is also a refuge for whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, dolphins, porpoise and a host of fish and shellfish. For over a decade, Living Oceans has been doing foreshore remediation work, removing harmful plastics before they can break up into microplastics that can enter the food chain.

About Living Oceans: 

Living Oceans Society has been a leader in the effort to protect Canada’s oceans since they formed in 1998.

Founded in Sointula, a small fishing village on the Central Coast of British Columbia, their influence has grown to be national. They advocate for oceans that are managed for the common good, according to science-based policies that consider ecosystems in their entirety.

Their contributions are helping to reduce harmful human impacts on the ocean.

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